Energy Trading

At present, AnAn Int is mainly engaged in international trading of oil and petrochemical products. Based in Singapore, the company capitalizes on Singapore's advantages in its geographical location and market mechanism in ports, logistics, finances and trading while capturing the momentum of the Chinese market to expand its business in the Asia-Pacific region. Through its strategy to grip the control of the downstream distribution channel in Europe and Africa, the Company aims to become a key participant in those markets. In particular, the Company is backed by its financial strength and collaboration with strategic partners to attain premium resources. The Company also plans to expand its business to America. Altogether, the Company seeks to become a trading company with coverage in major global markets to provide clients with services in processing, logistics, shipping and distribution.

The company's traded commodities mainly include the following categories: 1) crude oil, 2) light ends products (LPG, NGLs, naphtha, gasoline and blending components, etc), 3) middle distillates products (kerosene, diesel), 4) heavy ends products (vacuum gasoil, straight-run fuel oil, cracked fuel oil including bunker fuel oil, asphalt, etc), 5) chemical products (paraxylene, mixed xylenes, glycol, styrene, natural runner, etc).

As the trade volume expands, AnAn Int will build on its main business in oil and gas trading to gradually extend to other energy products such as electricity and LNG, etc.

Currently, the Company has entered into strategic partnership agreements with a number of world renowned enterprises. These strategic partners provide stable long-term supply and sales channels, outstanding product and service quality in the industry, and an extensive business network in China's energy market, laying a strong foundation for the future development of AnAn Int. 

With its base in Singapore, AnAn Int strives to utilize various channels and approaches to achieving interactive trading across different markets, different time zones, and different regions to optimize its positions and resource allocation and continuously enhance the management quality.