Company Profile

AnAn International Limited (“AnAn Int”) is a company listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange (stock code: Y35).

AnAn Int is primarily engaged in the trading of petrochemical, fuel oil, and petroleum products. AnAn Int fully capitalizes on Singapore's prominent advantages in its geographical location and market mechanism in international shipping, financial services, market trading and so forth to construct a Singapore-centered global trading system with support from the Chinese market and a solid foothold in Asia-Pacific economic circle. The company integrates midstream and downstream resources in the oil and petrochemical industries to undertake commodity trading and diverse investment cooperation with the world's major energy and raw material producing regions to establish a comprehensive energy trading system and industry value chain. Meanwhile, the company strives to integrate the midstream and downstream assets of the oil and gas industry, gradually establishing a complete industrial chain.

AnAn Int has entered into strategic partnership with a number of world-renowned energy enterprises, boasts of a professional team as well as a complete and stable trading system across the supply chain. With energy trading as its primary business and together with its involvement in the financial services and investment in the energy industry, the Company strives to grow into a vertically integrated energy company with global presence and strong competitive advantage.